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Trance, Spiritual and Hands On


to the website for my healing practice and trust my connection to the spirit world, and all the wonder that brings, may be of benefit to you.

Spiritual healing of mind, body and soul is as old as the hills themselves and practised by all the great civilisations.

It is no less relevant today.

A bit more about Martin

Born in London to a large family from the West of Ireland, I maintained connections with this beautiful part of the world all my life, increasingly aware the feelings were far deeper than familial, positively spiritual and innate.


As the Aborigines say... "the land doesn't belong to them, they belong to the land"


I took a leap of faith in May 2022, moved over and now live just outside the beautiful town of Westport close to the sea.​


How Did I get Here?

Back in 2007, and with life continuing in its own natural way, some rather unusual things started to happen. The phone would ring and I would already know who it was. I'd be in a meeting and would know who was to speak next. I was on my way to a work appointment in a town I never visited before and I knew exactly where I was, even down to the red Victorian door on the property.


I had to inform a family member she needed an extra flight case for an excess baggage issue- which she did! I became aware of a buzzing sensation in the palms of my hands.


It was suggested I attend a local Spiritualist Church and was told and then became aware I had gifts as a Healer. I formally trained for a year and continued to slowly but surely develop, helping many along the way.​

It is both a gift and a privilege to be entrusted with this work.


Let me be of help.

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Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying

Hi, I have known Martin for a few years now, I first asked for help when my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. I will be forever grateful for the help we received. Through 3 operations, chemotherapy & radiotherapy Martin sent love & healing with great results. My daughter who is a not sure about things like this, knew something was going on, and was able to tell me what she was feeling at various times. Now in remission I am so grateful to Martin for his help & dedication I know without his help things may not have been so easy and so good for my daughter, no chemo sickness, no upsets st all. I myself have had healing from Martin, this is a wonderful experience, so calming in lifting pain away, allowing greater freedom of movement. I look forward to working with Martin again when time allows.

I am very grateful for his help. Long may he be able to continue his amazing work.

Rita Burnett.  I am forever in your debt. Bless you my friend


I have had the pleasure of many healing sessions from Martin and his spirit friends. On each occasion I have felt the benefit of these sessions. For myself I am always wrapped in the most amazing colours which just allow my mind to drift and for the healing to happen. It's so hard to put into words how lovely the whole process is. It is more a case of receiving is knowing and believing. I would whole heartedly recommend Martin. A true and very genuine healing medium.

Sean aka Dolly.

I received absent healing from Martin King and his team when I was suffering from a trapped nerve in my spine /shoulder. I was asked to lay down at the time Martin was working, and was astounded at what I experienced during this 20 to 25 minutes. My awareness was lifted from my physical body and I no longer felt the pain in my shoulder. I was aware of spirit stood beside me and felt what I could only describe as a needle being placed into my back, but no pain. It was a beautiful experience, and afterwards I felt the relief of the pain getting less and less as the following days went by. I can't thank Martin and his team enough, and wouldn't hesitate in asking for their help again.  

Caz Dukes.


What is Healing and How Does it Work?

A treatment that involves the transfer of energy through the healer to a recipient. It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the body's own immune system. Healing is natural and non-invasive with the intention of bringing the recipient into a state of balance and well-being on all levels. (NFSH Healing Trust).

Spiritual Healing is not linked to any particular religion- even the most skeptical can be healed.

To use an analogy, if Healing is a radio, it's my job to tune the dial!

As a Healer, or as I prefer...Healing Medium, it is for me to connect to the power that generates the healing, which for me is through a relationship with the Spirit World, the Divine and Universal Energy.

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Hands On Healing

A transfer of energy from the healing medium to the recipient, with that energy channelled through the healer. Very important too is having the ability to put people at their ease, to explain the process and to show compassion. I like to think I can do that.

Distance or Absent Healing

A good definition would be... an act of conscious intent with a focus dedicated to improve the health or well-being of another person who is far away.
Generally I would sit at the same time as the recipient and be used as a channel to offer healing. It is no less powerful than hands on healing and just as valid

Trance Healing (Altered State)

Is another very powerful method of spiritual healing. Before any session, the Healing Medium goes into a deep meditation to reached this 'altered state' and to link with primarily Spirit Guides in the Spirit World. In this process the energy fields of the Medium and Spirit Guides will blend and become as one. Generally I do this remotely but can equally be done 'face to face'. Of course, by being in trance, there is no physical interaction.

Death and Dying

A Healing Medium can provide great comfort to the terminally ill and help smooth the transition to the next world. I can bring healing to the person as they take that journey and also be a source of emotional support to the family and loved ones.

Healing Animals

A very fulfilling arm of the Healing function is work with animals, generally, but not always, done remotely using a photograph. This can produce prodigious results in tandem with the generosity of spirit emanating from the animal kingdom. Please see below.

I learned of Martin’s gift of healing just when I needed it. My beloved senior cat, Abbey, was struck with a sudden episode of pancreatitis. I noticed changes in her behaviour and immediately got her to the vet who started some treatments to control her pain and stimulate her appetite. I then reached out to Martin to see if he worked with pets and sure enough, he agreed to do a session with Abbey. I was by her side at the scheduled time; the experience was very peaceful. Within a few hours, she started to show signs of breaking through the episode. The next morning, she emerged from the basement (where she had been practically immobile for a week) and was telling us quite a story about her experience! Since that morning, she has not only returned to pre-illness state, she is better than ever! We are thrilled with the result and highly recommend trusting Martin and the power of the spirits to help bring healing, just when you need it.

Lucy Lehman, Ontario, Canada

More from clients

Martin has a Gift

"I am a city girl, someone who has lived in the business and material world. I neither understood nor engaged with anything other than allopathic medicine or talking therapies.

Over a year ago, my life and my body were in bad shape and in despair, I turned to Martin.  I had known him for many years and trusted him and asked him for help. We have had spiritual meditation and visualisation sessions weekly since then. I have also had healing sessions with him more recently.

Little by little I improved and things improved. The experience of the half hour every week and the reflections after have given me a deeper calm and insight. A sense of gratitude and delight and a connection with something greater than me and spiritual. Many times we would have the same visualisations or Martin would refer to real events in my day or people in my life. It was uncanny. Bit by bit that connection has come to give me strength and health in my day to day “city” life.

Martin has a gift. He is a pragmatic “fried breakfast” kind of person. I am glad to be able to give this testimonial."


"It is the mystery of life which sustains me now"

Tom Wingo, The Prince Of Tides

How to Get started

How to Work with Me

It is important I continue to share the gift I have been given. I like to keep my fee to clients reasonable.  I would ask that you make a donation at a level that feels right for you, suggested minimum stg£25. Please get in touch. 

You can use the Contact me form below.

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